jopr | rHQ | JBoss Monitoring

Jopr is an enterprise management solution for JBoss middleware projects and other application technologies. This pluggable project provides administration, monitoring, alerting, operational control and configuration in an enterprise setting with fine-grained security and an advanced extension model. This system is based on and plugin-compatible with the multi-vendor RHQ management project. It provides support for monitoring base operating system information on six operating systems as well as mangement of Apache, JBoss Application Server and other related projects.

The project inludes the following features:

  • Automatic discovery of resources
  • Inventory
  • Monitoring for availability and performance
  • Complex alerting
  • Fine grained security
  • Configuration management
  • Auditing
  • Log tracking
  • Content distribution

The RHQ project is an abstraction and plug-in based systems management suite that provides extensible and integrated systems management for multiple products and platforms across a set of core features. The project is designed with layered modules that provide a flexible architecture for deployment. It delivers a core user interface that delivers audited and historical management across an entire enterprise. A Server/Agent architecture provides remote management and plugins implement all specific support for managed products. RHQ is an open source project licensed under the GPL, with some pieces individually licensed under a dual GPL/LGPL license to facilitate the integration with third-party software.


visualgc | jps | jvmstat | Java Garbage Collection

The visualgc tool attaches to an instrumented HotSpot JVM and collects and graphically displays garbage collection, class loader, and HotSpot compiler performance data.



Add -XX:+UsePerfData flag   – on system to be monitored.

(Over RMI)

Do following on system from where you do monitoring:-

Download jvmstat from here

cd /root

unzip jvmstat-***.zip

add following to /etc/profile

export JVMSTAT_HOME=/root/ jvmstat

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.6


Now on server to be monitored do following:-

vi /root/jstatd.policy and add following :-

grant codebase "file:${java.home}/../lib/tools.jar" {

then run following on system beeing monitored :

Now on monitoring server run following:
Check vmid using jps

17869 Bootstrap
17876 Jstatd
17877 Jps

then run visualgc

#visualgc 17869@
 and enjoy the graphs ... :)

with JDK 6 Update 23 define temp dir

jstatd -J-Djava.rmi.server.logCalls=true