BigData : Best use cases in Healthcare domain in India & Data Collection Challenges

Indian Healthcare System is way behind in terms of adoption and proper use of EHR solutions and other digital systems. And it will take some more time to come at par with other countries, and aggregating years of usage, research and development data in electronic databases.

Apart from 3 V’s of BigData, the Addition of C : Complexity here in healthcare domain.

The 3 V’s of BigData are:

Velocity – moves extremely fast between various sources

Volume – huge data from terabytes to petabytes

Variety – made of many types of structured, semi-structured & unstructured sources

And the added Complexity

– in many forms like multiple places/sources, Geo-locations etc.

Data is the Key to the medical sciences, where in “collection” is the most important start of the same.

Collecting healthcare data has following challenges:-

– Healthcare data is there in multiple places and multiple forms

– Both structured & unstructured data

– Also, in different formats like text, paper, digital, images & video etc

– Hundreds of disparate data sources across enterprise and clinically data stores


– Clinical Data & other sources : EMR, claims & cost data, billing & accounting, devices, community, diff. departments like radiology, pharmacy etc

– Pharmaceutical R&D data

– Patient behaviour and sentiment data

Source of truth

– Inconsistent Variables definition

– Multiple sources of the same data, specially data collected from rural areas in India.

Research driven sciences

– understanding data / analysing the same based on the ever evolving research driven sciences make it difficult / challenging to outcomes.

Unique data challenges

– Data is complex

– Data Security / Regulatory compliance’s etc to protect patient privacy

Govt. & Health Organisation’s continued role/commitment to making data publicly available

Explosion of the sensor data

– including mobile devices health data e.g Google Fit, Apple Health/Research Kits.

– Lack of standardisation and adoption for “Open APIs” for collection of medical data.

Leveraging full potential of BigData is crucial to the domain of healthcare so as to have:

– RIGHT Care – better predicted outcomes of the care delivered based on the data analyzed

– RIGHT Provider – finding the right healthcare provider is crucial to the delivery of care.

– RIGHT Living – Information driven and Engaged lifestyle for care consumers

– RIGHT Value – Reduced Cost & Improved Quality of care

to be continued ….with more on mHealth and other key health technology trends that will make impact on the healthcare industry in India!!

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