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Digital Healthcare | What’s’ next?

There are many revolutions which we have seen in our lifetime like Internet revolution, Smartphone revolution, Information & Communication revolution. Next is to “integrate” all and use technology to bring revolution in must needy space of “Healthcare”!

What Advisor Healthcare (http://www.advisor.healthcare ) aka “HealthAdvisor” is poised to achieve with “Virtual Hospital” as a solution is to deliver healthcare which is “decentralized“, “mobilized” and “personalized” to improve the accessibility, cost and timely delivery of care!


  • With the “Virtual Hospital”, Advisor Healthcare is disrupting the healthcare delivery by enabling the connect from anytime, anywhere.
  • The care already is moving from traditional hospitals to specialized clinics, finally to the Home (in hands of patients). With the change and the advent of Mobile Health based applications, you will see more participation by patients which is at the center of care. Also, both performance and accountability is linked to patient satisfaction and hence the shift.
  • To solve Accessibility issue: Currently in India, 75-80% of health infrastructure, resources (doctor/nurses and other manpower), are concentrated in Top 20% of the cities where only 25% of the population lives.


  • More than 225 Million Smartphone users in India and growing with whooping 36% CAGR
  • Ease of Mobile makes it easier for users to seek and find information and get connect to their Care Team at their convenience.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Anydevice (Whenever, wherever required)


  • Human Body composition (Every person has a unique variation of the human genome) and the Lifestyle and many other unique things to a person requires care to be delivered in personalized form. Hence, using data & analytics to curate personalized experiences and make use of various other technological advancements like Personalized genetic tests / diet plans with extensive use of the user data.
  • And to improve the wellbeing which requires change in behavior with use of preventive healthcare techniques and patient education.

Things to consider

Data and Analytics

Development of better tools / technologies to manage data at scale to provide high reliable healthcare and more understanding and exploitation of Big Data is a good news to the domain of healthcare. Advisor Healthcare, data services layer makes use of the following data models to harness the power of data (as of now):

  • Clinical Data Model
  • Encounters
  • Heath IssuesDocument Repository
  • Medical Records
  • Remote Monitoring & Logged tracking data

Connected Care

Increase in patient satisfaction through follow-ups and “connected care” and reducing the cost of care and better outcomes.

Ease of Communication

Removing the barrier primarily “language” during communication between care seeker and care provider – extensive use of the audio and symptom-based search to get connect to the “right” care providers.

Patient Education & Awareness

  • Content push / blogs (similar to http://blog.advisor.healthcare ) & Push notifications used to disseminate information about various disease conditions and health & wellbeing awareness
  • Online Radio
  • Exploit IoT space (Internet of Things)
  • Logging User data
  • Remote Monitoring of user data by Care Team
  • Integrated Google Fit / Apple Health Kit

Remote data collection & Patient Monitoring

Moving ahead on technology!

During 1st week of September, I was at HMA (Hospital Management Asia) 2015 conference in Yangon, Myanmar and the discussion we had that technology is already playing big role in care providers’ segments like for Doctor’s (Physicians, Pediatricians) work is to do Physical Examination, History Taking, Ordering investigations, Treatment and Medical Prescription. With technology these are now have some technology solutions like Clinical Diagnosis support, AI algorithms, Clinical decision support, Medical prescription check for allergy or interactions. Also in other fields also like Surgeons, we have Robotic surgery, for Radiologists we have CAD (computer aided diagnosis), Pathologists we have C-Path (Computational Pathologist) etc. where digital imagery and computer software to analyze more than 6,000 cell and tissue features faster and in more depth than human through microscope. Also for family doctor & dietitians who is providing the holistic care, counseling, preventive medicine, we have mobile health apps based solutions like one by Advisor Healthcare named “HealthAdvisor” for better connect with care providers at your convenience from home.

At Advisor Healthcare – A Digital Healthcare Startup, we are on a mission to make healthcare services within reach of masses via Digital Consultation. We are building a technology platform to bring Healthcare Professional (Care Providers) and Patients (Care Seekers) together, so that the consultation take place in an easy, cost and time effective manner.

Advisor Healthcare provides various cutting edge technologies to simplify the digital consultation and Our offerings include:

  • Mobile App for Users – mobile brings the next big revolution specially to India. Our mobile app enables doctor discovery and digital consultation using chat, audio and video with in-app solution, so that the experience can be seamless and personalized. We use mobile as a health tracking tool as well, so that we can leverage personal health data of the patient for a better and personalized treatment.
  • Integrated Video, Audio and Chat – We offer a seamless consultation experience using Video, Audio and Chat consultation which are integrated with our mobile apps, web apps and website (Patient portal / Clinical portal).
  • Consultation Scheduling System – For digital consultation, we have end to end scheduling solution. So that a patient can check available consultation slots for a particular doctor and schedule a consultation. Our system is flexible enough for doctors, so that they can reschedule the consultation if needed.
  • Doctor App – We have an on-cloud application for Doctors, so that they can manage patients remotely through Clinical portal.
  • Digital Prescription and Reminders – Our system supports digital prescriptions, so that a patient can get prescription via email and from our mobile apps. At the same time our system is intelligent enough to schedule reminders for diet plans and medicines for better results.
  • Personal Health Records – For a better consultation experience, we have a complete personal health records(PHR) system which allows users to upload their medical records and old prescriptions and help them to declare medical condition they are facing.
  • Remote Monitoring – To enable true healthcare experience, we have developed a remote monitoring system which helps doctors to monitor the patients remotely. Doctors can check the patient’s vital and can take a decision. Remote monitoring can be very helpful for the patients who are facing chronic diseases and need continuous healthcare support.

We at Advisor Healthcare ensures that we solve the problem fundamentally with proper use of technology and ensure good user experience for both care seeker and care providers.

Please download and try out our app http://healthadvisor.xyz and share your valuable feedback.

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Why India needs mHealth revolution for better healthcare ?

Next 3-5 years are really exciting times, specially in India to solve important problems for masses. 1.3 billion is definitely not a small number, and Healthcare remains one of the major problem which still need to be resolved and hence we need some innovative but simple solutions so that everyone can get benefited with the advancement of technology.

So, What’sup with the new keyword of the tech town : “mHealth” (Mobile Health)

Is Mobile healthcare a tech-driven Hype ?

  • Well answer is yes&no, Yes as its a buzzword like any-other tech-driven things.
  • But, slowly It is becoming a global reality nowadays where in mHealth is/will be playing crucial role in defining the future of healthcare, majorly the consumption & delivery of care.

– “mHealth” : makes care – More Accessible, Faster, better and Cheaper!

  • More Accessibility & Cost reduction is going to be major component to drive the adoption of mHealth in INDIA as 70-80% of healthcare expenses are out-of-pocket!

– Already increased Mobile subscriber base in INDIA:

  • Widespread availability of mobile technology / penetration pan India which will help care delivery anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Competition will continue, heard about Reliance coming again with $30 smartphone with 4G …hence customers will have cheaper mobile / connectivity and increased functionality.

– DIY (Do-It-Yourself) healthcare

– Mobile Health Apps are growing day by day and will become a regular part of care leading to “care anywhere”!

Patient’s at the center of how care is delivered

  • mHealth will change how people receive care!

– “Personalization & better Engagement is the KEY !”

– Like Any other industry, specially the industry I worked for almost a decade – e/m-commerce (retail/travel/tourism), Healthcare has to be very very personal.

and mHealth has to enable that fully with

  • increased preventive care
  • help in predictive outcomes
  • Participatory Care
  • Better Engaged Patient with its care provider
  • More regional / local languages support with content from alternative medicines like AYUSH : Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy !

Categories where mobile Health Apps will penetrate more are:-

  • Healthy Eating
  • Dieting/Weight Loss + Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Health Information/ Education

– Some innovative things using mobile apps:-

  • Digital Health: Data Collection from rural areas is easy with help of mobile apps
  • Better Patients – Doctor “Connect


Few Barriers to Adoption / Resistance

  • Some doctors’ perceive mHealth as a disruption to their traditional models
  • Change in Behavior of receiver / care-giver will take time.
  • Patient in-charge with more convenience & control, but Doctor’s are resistant to loss of this control.
  • Question to my mind?
  1. What are sustainable & proven business models around mHealth ? .. I’m still searching .. please comment, if you know any ?


– Last but not least, the importance and the Need to balance Privacy & Convenience

Data Security throughout Data Life cycle starting from collection/storage/sharing etc of various health data:

  • Diet and Exercise results
  • Medical Tests & imaging results
  • Doctor’s Notes & Diagnosis
  • Drug prescription information

In my previous article, i wrote about BigData in healthcare and data collection challenges in India, now combining mHealth to it will increase more of Volume, Variety, Velocity & value of information, hence a challenging problem to be solved.

And the next thing is the marriage of ABCMS to H (Healthcare), ABCMS is Analytics, BigData, Cloud, Mobile & Social… ABCMS the term humbly coined by me

Stay Healthy! Keep Smiling !

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Note: Published at http://blog.advisor.healthcare/2015/05/22/why-india-needs-mhealth-revolution-for-better-healthcare/

BigData : Best use cases in Healthcare domain in India & Data Collection Challenges

Indian Healthcare System is way behind in terms of adoption and proper use of EHR solutions and other digital systems. And it will take some more time to come at par with other countries, and aggregating years of usage, research and development data in electronic databases.

Apart from 3 V’s of BigData, the Addition of C : Complexity here in healthcare domain.

The 3 V’s of BigData are:

Velocity – moves extremely fast between various sources

Volume – huge data from terabytes to petabytes

Variety – made of many types of structured, semi-structured & unstructured sources

And the added Complexity

– in many forms like multiple places/sources, Geo-locations etc.

Data is the Key to the medical sciences, where in “collection” is the most important start of the same.

Collecting healthcare data has following challenges:-

– Healthcare data is there in multiple places and multiple forms

– Both structured & unstructured data

– Also, in different formats like text, paper, digital, images & video etc

– Hundreds of disparate data sources across enterprise and clinically data stores


– Clinical Data & other sources : EMR, claims & cost data, billing & accounting, devices, community, diff. departments like radiology, pharmacy etc

– Pharmaceutical R&D data

– Patient behaviour and sentiment data

Source of truth

– Inconsistent Variables definition

– Multiple sources of the same data, specially data collected from rural areas in India.

Research driven sciences

– understanding data / analysing the same based on the ever evolving research driven sciences make it difficult / challenging to outcomes.

Unique data challenges

– Data is complex

– Data Security / Regulatory compliance’s etc to protect patient privacy

Govt. & Health Organisation’s continued role/commitment to making data publicly available

Explosion of the sensor data

– including mobile devices health data e.g Google Fit, Apple Health/Research Kits.

– Lack of standardisation and adoption for “Open APIs” for collection of medical data.

Leveraging full potential of BigData is crucial to the domain of healthcare so as to have:

– RIGHT Care – better predicted outcomes of the care delivered based on the data analyzed

– RIGHT Provider – finding the right healthcare provider is crucial to the delivery of care.

– RIGHT Living – Information driven and Engaged lifestyle for care consumers

– RIGHT Value – Reduced Cost & Improved Quality of care

to be continued ….with more on mHealth and other key health technology trends that will make impact on the healthcare industry in India!!

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Note: This post is originally published at http://blog.advisor.healthcare/2015/05/21/bigdata-best-use-cases-in-healthcare-domain-in-india-data-collection-challenges/