jvisualvm – Java Virtual Machine Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Profiling Tool

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jvisualvm – Java VisualVM is an intuitive graphical user interface that provides detailed information about Java technology-based applications (Java applications) while they are running on a given Java Virtual Machine (JVM*). The name Java VisualVM comes from the fact that Java VisualVM provides information about the JVM software visually.


– Java VisualVM is useful to Java application developers to troubleshoot applications and to monitor and improve the applications’ performance.

– Java VisualVM can allow developers to generate and analyse heap dumps, track down memory leaks, perform and monitor garbage collection, and perform lightweight memory and CPU profiling.

– Plug-ins also exist that expand the functionality of Java VisualVM. For example, most of the functionality of the JConsole tool is available via the MBeans Tab and JConsole Plug-in Wrapper plug-ins.

You can choose from a catalog of standard Java VisualVM plug-ins by selecting ‘Tools’ | ‘Plugins’ in the Java VisualVM menus.

Start Java VisualVM with the following command:

#  jvisualvm <options>

Ref: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/tools/share/jvisualvm.html



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