King Of Open Source Monitoring: OpenNMS .. loving it !!

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** OpenNMS as an enterprise n/w management framework **
Definition from dictionary:-
The OpenNMS platform is an award-winning, enterprise-grade network management
application platform built on a true open source model with zero licensing cost.
Together, the OpenNMS solution delivers performance, scalability, flexibility and total
cost of ownership that are consistently better than equivalent systems from HP, IBM
and other “premium” vendors.
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) published the Telecommunications
Management Network (TMN) model as a design for carriers to manage service delivery.
TMN is a model for managing “Open Systems” within a telecommunications network
and defines four logical layers: Business Management (BM), Service Management (SM),
Network Management (NM), and Element Management (EM). FCAPS is an acronym for
a model that further defines NM using the terms:
• Fault Management (FM)
• Configuration Management (CM)
• Accounting (A)
• Performance Management (PM)
• Security (S).
OpenNMS has comprehensive FM and PM:-
Faults in OpenNMS are detected via three distinct and separate mechanisms: service
polling, receipt of unsolicited messages (typically SNMP traps), and thresholds evaluated
against performance data. OpenNMS also provides extremely comprehensive PM via
several mechanisms that are based on a robust data gathering API called the Service
Collector Interface. Current implementations of the Service Collector, SNMP, JMX, HTTP,
and NSClient, gather data that can then be utilized in performance graphs, thresholds,
and TopN analysis.
The remaining components of the FCAPS model: CM, A, and S, are each addressed, to
some degree, within OpenNMS – not implemented as comprehensively as defined in the

Ref :

Why I choose OpenNMS not any other Monitoring Solution?
There are many reasons / advantages I found in OpenNMS during POC and
experimentation (or what people call Time pass) with many of available monitoring
solutions – some of the reasons are:-
– Open Source Project – Active Development going on
– SNMP Based (Almost like agent-less monitoring) – Light-weight
– Auto-Discovery of nodes and services
– Flexible (Have diff pollers to adapt for almost any need)
– Customizable / Configuration with XMLs
– Integration with Other Tools
# Integration with RT and OTRS – Ticketing System
# Integration with Hyperic HQ (Agent based monitoring solution)

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