SAHANA | Free and Open Source Disaster Management System

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Sahana is an integrated set of pluggable, web based disaster management applications that provide solutions to large-scale humanitarian problems in the aftermath of a disaster. Our aspirations are as follows:

  1. Primary: Help alleviate human suffering and help save lives through the efficient use of IT during a disaster
  2. Bring together a diverse set of actors from Government, Emergency Management, NGOs, INGOs, spontaneous volunteers and victims themselves in responding effectively to a disaster
  3. Empower the victims, responders, volunteer to better enable them to help themselves and others
  4. Protect victim data and reduce the opportunity for data abuse
  5. Provide a Free and Open Source solution end-to-end available to everyone

With the above aspirations, the main applications built into Sahana and problems they address so far are as follows:

  1. Missing Person Registry – Helping to reduce trauma by effectively finding missing persons
  2. Organization Registry – Coordinating and balancing the distribution of relief organizations in the affected areas and connecting relief groups allowing them to operate as one
  3. Request Management System – Registering and Tracking all incoming requests for support and relief upto fulfillment and helping donors connect to relief requirements
  4. Camp Registry – Tracking the location and numbers of victims in the various camps and temporary shelters setup all around the affected area
  5. Volunteer Management – Coordinate the contact info, skills, assignments and availability of volunteers and responders
  6. Inventory Management – Tracking the location, quantities, expiry of supplies stored for utilization in a disaster
  7. Situation Awareness – Providing a GIS overview of the situation at hand for the benefit of the decision makers




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  1. hey dude i have seen sahana google summer code project list.

    but i donot understand from where to begin

    i have registered with them also.

    give me proper guidance and channelize my effort please..

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